Services that sharpen your message and expand your reach

Strategic Communications: Constructing a message that will resonate with voters and plainly articulate the stark choice facing them come election time.

Branding: From personal image to the interface of your website, KDC provides cohesive branding services that help to advance a clear, consistent message, and persuasively weave the candidate’s narrative.

Digital Infrastructure: Building a website that is mobile responsive, flexible, and capable of adapting to campaign needs seamlessly. Combining the power of the website as a core communications tool with a suite of other digital marketing strategies will yield powerful results.

Content Marketing and Social: KDC can supplement volunteer outreach, bolster your fundraising efforts, boost supporter engagement with your campaign, and enhance earned media outreach efforts.

Digital Advertising: Managing digital advertising campaigns and developing animated, HTML5 advertisements while using micro-targeting to reach specific audience segments based on geography, age, affinity, and other criteria, all at market-beating rates.

Email Program: Successful campaigns depend on email programs to excite and engage their supporters as well as to raise funds. KDC can help you implement an email program to maximize your ROI for your digital infrastructure expenditures. Every campaign’s needs are different. Sometimes, that need goes outside of this core group of services, but do not hesitate to find out if there are any other areas where KDC can further supplement your campaign’s operation.

 Can you afford any of this?

(Hint: You probably can)