Justin Santopietro for Congress - KDC Services, LLC
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In Southwest Virginia’s rural 9th district, Justin Santopietro came armed with powerful digital communications tools he needed to reach voters, with the help of KDC Services.

People don’t respond to cookie-cutter messages hatched by DC-based consultants. That’s why KDC Services worked with Justin to capitalize on his deep knowledge of Southwest Virginia and effectively communicate with voters.

KDC Services provided Justin with a stunning website that loaded fast (even on spotty rural mobile connections), helped him maximize his reach on social, and expand his exposure in traditional news media as well.

Justin was working on a shoestring budget to start, and needed to find a way to make every dollar go further. KDC Services helped him maximize his reach, build out his grassroots infrastructure, and organize in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Justin Santopietro for Virginia - KDC Services, LLC

Unparalleled website performance gave Justin Santopietro an edge. In his district, maximizing conversions depended on a fast and lightweight web experience due to poor connectivity common to Appalachia – KDC Services made it possible by relying on cutting-edge optimization strategies.

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