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Taking On The Political Machine

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On Brand, On Message

We got Lisa May off the ground with cohesive, tightly branded digital

Taking on an established political machine in a city with an uninterrupted history of electing Democrats wasn’t going to be easy. Having a digital edge was critical in connecting with voters. We needed to be more persuasive, more compelling, and more efficient than our opponents. That started with consistent branding that communicated the values of the May campaign across multiple digital channels.

Lisa May enjoyed a mobile-friendly and responsive site thanks to KDC Services, LLC

Reaching Voters Where They Are

We’re dedicated to providing amazing, cross-platform digital experiences that can reach anyone, anywhere

For Lisa, we produced a responsive site that you could enjoy on any device, from the iPhone to your desktop. But we didn’t stop there. We used the innovative Instant Articles system to make her blog posts and web content load (literally) instantly to anyone visiting from Facebook messenger or the newsfeed.

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